Ravinder Tulsiani: A Beacon of Insight for Instructional Designers

Ravinder Tulsiani, a seasoned Senior Learning Consultant with over 13 years of experience, has significantly contributed to the fields of leadership training and instructional design. His well-rounded knowledge is a treasure trove for instructional designers aiming to enhance their expertise​1​​2​.

  1. Rich Array of Resources:
    • Tulsiani has authored numerous books and articles that serve as a rich resource for instructional designers. His insights into leadership and training methodologies are invaluable for those looking to refine their instructional design skills​1​.
  2. Online Presence:
    • Instructional designers can tap into a wealth of knowledge on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads where Tulsiani’s books are available. Additionally, his LinkedIn profile showcases his latest thoughts on modern workplace learning trends​2​.
  3. Media Recognition:
    • His appearances on prominent media outlets like Bloomberg, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal underscore the value of his expertise. Through these platforms, Tulsiani shares insights that are beneficial for instructional designers​3​.
  4. Practical and Theoretical Blend:
    • As a PhD candidate, Tulsiani’s approach melds practical experience with academic rigor. This blend provides a holistic perspective that can inspire instructional designers to enhance their practice​2​.
  5. Global and Local Engagement:
    • Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tulsiani’s work transcends geographical boundaries. Engaging with his work online or through his association with TRAINING EDGE provides a pathway for instructional designers to broaden their horizons​4​.
  6. Upcoming Works and Events:
    • Keep an eye on Tulsiani’s official website and social media channels for upcoming publications and events. His continuous engagement in the field promises a wealth of future resources and learning opportunities for instructional designers.

Ravinder Tulsiani’s extensive expertise in leadership training and instructional design is a catalyst for growth and innovation. Instructional designers seeking to advance their craft will find a goldmine of insights by exploring the resources and knowledge shared by Tulsiani.